Termite Control Gold Coast Step By Step Process

1-Termite Inspection

Termite inspection

Termite Control Gold Coast, Its rather hard to detect or find any termites sign & spots with bare eyes because they live inside the timber frames or crevices. We solve this step of the process by using latest technologies like, Thermal imaging camera, Moist detector & our fully trained Termite detection dog plus our team of experts that inspect each & every corner of your property with their tools & experience. It better you detect the termite infestation at the early stage because the sooner the better & the level of damage could be much less & it will cost you much less.

Usually we inspect all accessible timbers in subfloor, roof void, your fences & all the indoor & outdoor areas. Termites activity can severely weaken the structural integrity of a property. According to CSIRO statistics, termites are responsible for damage to 1 in 5 homes around Australia and on the Gold Coast this figure is even higher. It is said the average repair bill is around $15000 in termite rectification works.


2-Termite Damage

Termite Damage is totally recognizable if you know where to look & differentiate it from other signs. here are some guide line you may consider in searching for any termite damage sign:
1-Inspect woods thoroughly for any honeycomb pattern, this may be a sign for Subterranean termites
2-See if you can find any tube shapes running from soil to a wooden section, this tube shape crossroads are termite safe roads to your home
3-You can try tapping your wooden part of the house by using a golf bat & check for any inconsistent sound
4-Check your back yard & trees to see if you can find any sign in there
5-Check your building structures, this is the most common part that termites start their infestation

And you should be aware that your home insurance is unlikely to cover Termite Damage!