Stop Termites

5 Ways to Stop Termites Eating Your Home

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1 out of 3 homes in Gold Coast have termites evidence & believe it or not, there are some simple strategies you can implement to prevent them from eating your home.  According to CSIRO, termites cause an average of 15000$ worth of damage per home, you can go one visit the whole Europe with this money! so waht can be done on our side to prevent this high cost of termite treatment & termite repair?

1. Regular termite inspections using a termite detection dog and thermal imaging camera. It doesn’t matter how vigilant you are, termites can find a way into your home if you become complacent. Termites can easily go undetected if you don’t know what you’re doing.

2. Houses that are split level or have an infill slab are at an even higher risk of termite attack. Most houses that are built today have a raft slab or monolithic slab which you can clearly identify because it has a visible slab edge these are great and proves the building industry is talking to the pest industry to try and come up with better ways to avoid termite attack.

3.Moisture problems, drainage issues and water leaks. Termites need water and are very attracted to it not too much of it just enough moisture to help them thrive. Usually where there are water problems on a property termite are not far away.

4. It’s a no brainer but if you didn’t know termites eat timber. Some common issues that I see with homes are timber that is in the wrong place or that is not protected from termite attack. Timber in contact with the ground and the house with no protection in place. For example, piers or poles with no ant cap or retaining walls, landscaping timbers and fences against the house and in contact with the ground.

5. Common Misconceptions, there are many wives tales or misconceptions and there are many experts without a Pest Control license spruiking them. The number one misconception that I hear every week from home owners, “my home is brick and tile with a concrete slab there is no way the termites can get in” I am sorry if you have been told this but it is simply not true there is still timbers in the roof and the walls that hold the plasterboard on that the termites can feast on.

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