Gold Coast Building & Pest Inspection

Gold Coast Building & Pest Inspection

Pest Control Guru understands that buying a new home can potentially be very stressful and so we try to make the Building & Pest Inspection process as straight forward as possible and guarantee that you will receive your electronic report, in an easy to read format, with our detailed analysis including colored photographs of our findings and concerns at the property, within 24 hours.

In order to be able provide our clients with a complete Building & Pest Inspection solution, Pest Control Guru work alongside several highly regarded builders, all of whom have extensive experience not only in inspecting homes but also building them. We send two technicians to each Building and Pest Inspection, each technician dedicated to their own profession working alongside one another in order to provide you with the most a comprehensive service.

The Pest Inspection

Pest Control Guru inspect everywhere that reasonable access is available, the outside, the inside, the sub-floor and the roof void. We are not only inspecting for termites but also wood rot, borer, moisture, drainage issues, water leaks, and other conducive conditions that increase the risk of termite activity. Some examples of conducive conditions include stored timbers against the house, weep holes covered by gardens and inadequate ant caps.

In addition to our training and experience, we are equipped with market leading inspection equipment such as the Termatrac T3i, a Thermal Imaging Camera, Moisture Meter and Borescope, to ensure that we provide our clients with the most comprehensive inspections possible.

What you can expect from the our Building & Pest Inspection?

  1. The Building and Pest Inspection reports will be sent by email within 24 of the completion of the inspections.
  2. Our admin staff can organise the required  access for our inspectors and all necessary paperwork.
  3. We encourages our clients to attend the inspection but if you can’t make it you can phone us with any questions.
  4. An average 3 or 4 bedroom house of up to 40m2 will take up to 2 hours to inspect.
  5. Two inspectors and two sets of eyes going over your prospective home.

gold coast building & pest inspection

Make sure that you get the most out of your Building & Pest Inspection

  1. Hire an unaffiliated, independent pest or building inspector that is exclusively looking after your interests.
  2. Use two specialist inspectors, one for Building and one for Pest. Two people are better than one.
  3. Attend the inspection yourself, ask questions. An average 3 or 4 bedroom house of up to 40m2 will take up to 2 hours to inspect.
  4. Check the credentials of your inspectors to ensure that they are properly licensed, insured and qualified.
  5. Make certain that your inspectors physically enter accessible roof voids and sub floors to inspect them.