Q: I have found termites, should I spray them with insect spray?
A: NO! Don’t disturb the termites! If you do they are harder to treat and the price to treat will more than likely go up.

If you spray the termites, you will only be able to treat a very small percentage of the population. It is really important to treat termites professionally to achieve colony elimination. If you don’t the termites could re-infest.

Q: Does my ‘Home & contents’ insurance cover termite damage?
A: Most ‘Home and contents’ insurance policies do NOT cover termite damage! Most home owners don’t know their policy doesn’t include termite damage, so it’s best to check with your insurer specifically. Termite Insurance gives you peace of mind in the case of termite infestation as they can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your biggest investment.

Q: I have termites in my backyard. Should I worry?
A: All termites should be treated properly. Don’t let anyone tell you that you could save money by pouring diesel over your termite infested stump.

Q: My neighbours have termites. Am I at risk?
A: For peace of mind, we recommend you have your house termite inspected too.

Q: Can my children be at home when you come to spray my house?
A: We recommend children stay inside & close windows & doors while we spray outside. Then out to play while we spray inside. The same goes for your pets. Pest control products have come a long way in their research & development, they are especially designed to target specific insects, but we don’t take any risks when it comes to family health.

Q: How do I know if my house is protected!
A: Do you have a Termite Management System? 1 in 3 homes have or have had termites so why would you run the risk? If your budget is a problem, some companies offer payment plans. More regular inspections could also help you however this won’t stop the termites coming into your house uninvited, it will limit the amount of damage the termites will do if detected.