General Pest Control Gold Coast

Pests are among the most annoying things nowadays which is why it is crucial for every single person to find out about a number of the pest control techniques available. While many pests are simply destructive to property and other small items, there are specific types of pests that may really be dangerous to human health.

Anyone residing in the Gold Coast has probably simply had to cope with pest control in certain form or another. Many of the most common in our region include; spiders, bed bugs, mosquitoes, silverfish, rats, fleas, cockroaches and ants. Take a look at a few of the facts you need to know about each one of these pests.

Mosquito control

Mosquitoes are one of the most hazardous parasites in today’s times. They are regarded as one of the most dangerous in the animal kingdom liable for more deaths than Lions, Crocodiles and Tigers combined. It is because they can carry the malaria bacteria along with other diseases which could spread to anyone who they bite. Mosquitoes normally thrive in areas with stagnant water and can generally multiply in just a very small amount of time.

The most effective methods to take care of these parasites is to remove any stagnant water that could provide a location to breed. We use a petrol fogger to deal with all gardens and Grass and external perimeter of building.

Spider control

General Pest Control Gold Coast, Spiders can hide in a number of cracks and crevices around the house namely the roof space, cornices, gardens, mortar joins to the brick work and weep holes ETC. Spider control usually requires us to have direct contact with the spiders in order to kill them however some insecticides can act as a deterrent. We recommend a garden clean a couple of weeks after we have been to help keep the spiders away. Our In/out CAS for $190 gives you a warranty for 12 months so if the spiders do come back after 6 months we will to.

Cockroach control

Coackroaches are among the main household and commercial pests that Pest Controllers treat today. They’ve got an uncanny edge and resilience over most household pesticides. After getting into the Big problem it’s time for the professional pest control team to interfere. We use Eco-friendly responsible pesticides to reduce the risk to family members, animals and the environment these come in the insecticidal dust, liquids and gells. We don’t spray chemicals willy nilly like the good old days but instead we use our knowledge of the insect we need to control to target their harbourage. We don’t spray inside kitchen cupboards, vanities and linen closets instead we use gell on the kitchen cupboard hinges. Also our technicians at Pest Guru do what’s called a cracks and crevices spray to get right into those out of sight places. Dusting the weep holes is also very important in controlling Cockroaches that live in hard to reach cavities inside the wall.

Ant control

The number one General annoyance is Ants, they are not very dangerous although there are certain species that may cause very painful sensation when they bite. Ants are generally a menace constantly attacking the kitchen bench, pantry and other places where food stuffs have fallen to the floor etc. It won’t take them very long to find whats fallen off your plate and onto the floor these ants are great scavengers. Covering food items at all times and maintaining high levels of cleanliness is an effective way to prevent an ant infestation. Pest Guru has a multitude of techniques and chemicals we can use in the treatment of ants. Most other Pest Control companies can only provide a 3 month warranty on Ants. Pest Guru can provide 12 months so if you don’t like ants you need Pest Guru.


These are parasites that are commonly found on household animals including; dogs and cats. Fleas can cause very painful bites to both animals and human beings. These parasites are very tiny and can therefore be very difficult to get rid of.

The control of fleas needs a cooperative approach. Animal needs to be treated with brands like frontline and then we can treat all the flooring areas inside and the lower walls around the external perimeter of the building and pergola and where the pet predominately sleeps but we don’t won’t to contaminate there bed so we would ask that you wash this. Usually an initial treatment and then a follow up treatment in 14 days are necessary. Reason for follow up treatment is that the chemical cannot kill the eggs and the lifecycle of the flea is every 14 days so there is every chance fleas may hatch in that time but not reach adult hood.

Bed Bugs

They are also probably the most annoying parasites inside a home setting. If not brought under control within a reasonable period of time, these pests can multiply rapidly. They love areaswhich are dark and hidden from individuals. Examples of places where these parasites live include, furniture joints, cracks on your wall and old mattresses or bedding. If a bed bug bites someone, the person will experience itchiness on the areas that have been affected.

In order to get rid of bed bugs, one must wash all bedding and take away old and worn out mattresses from the house. Seeking the services of a pest control service provider in this case is vital because these parasites may re-infest the home soon after being eradicated.

An electric heating treatment methods are the best treatment for bed bugs as they can hide in really small crevices and cracks. The warmth encourages them out of those hiding places and kills them when the room/rooms get over a certain temperature.

Rats and Mice – Rodent control

Rodents could cause considerable destruction to food stuff and drinks. Rats are extremely careful when going around in your home and that’s why they are able to thrive for a period of time without getting detected.

Rodents are best addressed with a commercial grade poison uniquely formulated to attract and treat rodents. Rodents are extremely skittish so they may not grab the bait we install immediately. Patience is needed with rodents but I suggests the poison a pest controller gets is a lot better than rat sak available at the supermarket. The positioning of the rodent stations we use is also extremely important also secondary poisoning should be a consideration when installing. The bait must be secured so that children and other animals don’t get poisoned. It’s amazing the number of rodent baits the technicians see in homes that aren’t secured and also have spilled over the floor for everything to pick up. If you’re sick to death of the racket up in your roof ring Pest Guru for some tranquility.


Silverfish generally live in damp humid regions which is why they’re quite common in Queensland.

Avoid making dark and damp areas inside the your home. Silverfish enjoy living in wardrobes, roof top voids and around warm areas like hotwater systems inside and electrical items.