Termite Protection Gold Coast

For Termite Protection there are chemicals termite barriers, physical termite barriers, termite reticulation systems & termite monitoring system. These termite protection systems can be installed As a per-construction termite barrier or a post construction termite management system.Termite Protection gold coast

There are many Pre Construction Termite management systems available to the builder or new home owner or renovator. Some of these are Kordon, Termimesh, Termseal, Granitgaurd, and Termiglass to name a few. Pest Control Guru does not specialise in Pre construction termite Systems but can provide a referral to you if you call.

Pest Guru is a leader in Post Construction termite management systems on the Gold Coast.
Their are 2 Termite managements systems for termite protection and they are a chemical barrier and a Baiting System. Each have very unique characteristics and in the right environment can offer excellent protection for homes on the Gold Coast. An understanding of the termite solutions must be made to determine which is best for the property that needs to be protected. It is important to get quotes not for a price but for the right termite protection plan.

I could go into more depth here for Termite Control Gold Coast solutions but I choose to leave something for me to talk about in person as there is no point giving knowledge about a which Post construction termite management system is right for you when we have no idea of your particular building type and construction your house is.

In case you want to do some DIY termite protection:

Avoid having mulch close to your property
You can install termite shields that are made of non-corroding metals & will stop termite access to your property foundation
You can use wood hardener or wood filler

Its always good to call a professional at least for an inspection before doing any termite protection or termite inspection on your own!