white ants complete guide

What are white ants?

White ants come in many shapes & have different habits, there are more than 300 species in Australia but only a few do significant damage to woods used in foundation of the buildings. White ants is another name for termites, although they are from cockroaches family not ants but many mistakenly called them white ants. There are subterranean termite which need moist to live, Dry termites & mound building termites all consume wood, grass & lead litter. They search all the surrounding area for something valuable to eat & then make their way through underground or on ground mud tunnel to gain access to it.


How to Identify termites & check for termiteIdentify White Ants

You can find traces of termites in your property, like:

  • Hollow-sounding wood
  • Groups of winged white ants
  • Cracked wood or distorted paint on surfaces
  • Tube-shape Mud on the wall
  • Small pile of Frass in one place

But if there were no such sign in your house & you wanted to go 1 step further you can remove plaster sheets. After pulling off the last plaster sheet we reach the timbers where weWhite ants come across the real massive problem that could be termites or borer. When you see pinprick holes & dust it is then very obvious the stud is infested with white ants or termites. They convert hardwood into dusty broken piece within days. At this stage you need to discover where their nest actually comes from that could possibly be in any structural part of the house which is making the frame or the roof a very dangerous area, so make sure to contact a professional to find out where they originated from.

How to remove white ants from your property

Since termite always found to be in a huge colony, you can not simply remove or kill them by bare hand. After finding their nest you can use baits or use the covering products that seal their way to the ground to access moisture, there are also outdoor termite baiting systems like Exterra Baiting system. There are many types of liquid pesticides available on the market you can buy & use it in your foundation where termites reach the soil underground, by pouring the liquid pesticides you prevent them from entering the soil & gaining moisture so they would die eventually with in days.

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